Hi! My name is Cathy Finn-Derecki and I am the Director of Web Communications at UMW. I’ve been at this institution since 2000, and first became their Webmaster in 2001.

Since 2001, the nature of the Web, and what it means to institutional, interpersonal, and educational communications, have changed so quickly as to make most higher education communications folks feel overwhelmed at the very least.

In this space, I will share my thoughts on the direction Web communications for higher education should be heading in this new world of personally-owned data, Web services, social networking, distrust of institutionally-owned information and the ever-moving target that is the prospective student.

The overriding concept is a move to the “transparent university.” That is, where communications about the University are not cherrypicked and shaped to fit marketing messages. The actual life of the University becomes its public presence.