Think It’s Going to be a Great Summer

The other day, I synced my new iPad to my iCloud. In so doing, I saw a song there that I had forgotten about. Whenever my kids like a song, I can frequently point to an earlier piece of music from which it was derived. They are probably sick of my doing this. But, my son, for some reason, heard on YouTube the Vanilla Ice song “Ice Ice Baby.” After downloading it for him, I also downloaded the song from which it samples its main riff: “Under Pressure” performed by Queen and David Bowie.

That song has a hook that is so infectious it should be illegal. So, I wound up listening to it in my car a few times in a row. I have a long commute between Charlottesville and Fredericksburg. So much cooks in my head on that ride. Suddenly, in an instant, as I was pulling into my driveway after a long day, it hit me that I’d love to do a cover of “Under Pressure” because it’s an amazing song. And, specifically, I wanted to do a crowdsourced cover.

Why crowdsourced? Because, this summer, my alter ego is a counselor at Camp Magic Macguffin, otherwise known as this semester’s DS106. As a member of this community, the instruments of creativity need not be limited to those I can master and manipulate. I want to see what it’s like to let my work go into the ether, and to see if we can accomplish a truly globally-produced piece of music.

Why a web designer doing multi-tracking of music? Well, back in my salad days, I obsessively multitracked endless numbers of original compositions in my one-room studio in the East Village, dreaming of stardom. My first encounters with computing, and with technology hardware, were through a Casio CZ101 and a TASCAM PortaOne. Music technology has moved on, and I have grown too busy with life to indulge in this activity in the last few years, and thought it was time I got back to it. I’ve got a room full of midi keyboards at home, and some old-style analog drum sound modules that are just gathering dust.  More importantly, my inspirations have been gathering dust as well.

It’s time to break out of the old studio apartment in my head, and be open to a world of collaboration. I’ve already received a vocal track from Australia. This is gonna be a good summer.